The Un-Resolution

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I got the idea of un-resolutions from a Refinery 29 article last week that approached New Year’s resolutions differently. Instead of making goals to achieve this year, we can examine how we want to feel.  I like the idea of creating a list of how I want to feel this year and visualizing different ways of getting there. For example, my number one New Year’s Un-resolution is to feel less cluttered. I no longer want to be surrounded by unnecessary stuff in my life such as clothes I don’t wear or meaningless things I have to find a place for in my home. What makes this different than a regular resolution is that achieving this feeling will come through changing various aspects of my life.

These are my un-resolutions for 2015:

I want to feel less cluttered. I don’t want to have an overflowing closet with clothes and shoes I haven’t worn for over a year anymore. I’ve purged so many things from my closet, but there are still more things I need donate or sell to consignment stores. Having more things makes me anxious because I have to find a place for it. Imagine how much time we would save if we didn’t have tons of things to put away every day!

I want to feel healthy. I’m not just talking about my eating habits or workout regimen, but also the products I use for myself and my home. By next year, I want to only use natural products that don’t contain toxic chemicals. So many things are homemade that can be made with Dr. Bronners Castile soap, baking soda or vinegar.

I want to feel less wasteful. I mentioned this last week, but the amount of plastic we use is RIDICULOUS. Everything we use is disposable, which only gets thrown in landfills or, unfortunately, the ocean. There are bloggers like Trash is for Tossers and Zero Waste Home that are kicking some ass by making a conscious effort to not buy anything plastic. They buy their groceries in bulk, use reusable cloth bags, compost all food waste and never buy anything that is packaged. I’ve started to make a conscious effort to create less waste by not ordering straws at restaurants, taking my own utensils, bringing a water bottle and using reusable cloth bags for my produce and groceries.  I will soon switch to cloth napkins and towels instead of using paper towels and napkins.

I want to feel challenged. I don’t want to get into too many details just yet, but I have an exciting project I am working on this year. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve always wanted a business of my own and I am finally starting to work towards that dream.

Is there anything on your list for 2015 that you want to do or feel?

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