Three Tips to Wear a Crop top

If you are like me and late on the crop-top riding train, welcome! It has taken me 31 years to feel comfortable wearing a crop top. I blame it on my latin catholic upbringing for my modest style, but alas, here we are!

I started embracing more midriff baring clothing with our Lyla top. Alone, the Lyla isn’t too cropped, but when tied in a knot, it shows some skin! Fast forward two years, and now I’m really going for it.

The Sol top is our first true crop top. Hitting several inches above my belly button, it’s the shortest top I own. And to be honest, it felt very weird the first time I wore it. I was even nervous to show my mom, ha!

Here are three tips to ease your way into wearing crop-tops:

1. Wear the Sol with flowy bottoms

Pairing loose bottoms with a fitted crop top balances the outfit! Not only does it look great together, but it also adds a layer of comfort when trying something new. I’ve always felt uncomfortable wearing really tight clothing so I balance it out by also wearing something loose.

Outfit on left:

Sol Top

Papaya Shorts in black linen

Outfit on right:

Sol Top

Jade skirt in gingham (hemmed 3″)

2. High-waisted bottoms are your friend

First time wearing a crop top? Pair it with high-waisted bottoms and minimize how much midriff you show! This is wear all of my Sotela bottoms come in handy because they are all high-waisted.

Outfit left:

Sol Top

Lena pants in camel lyocell/linen

Outfit right:

Sol top

Madewell perfect vintage jeans

3. Cover up!

This is how I left the house the first time I wore the Sol top. I added my Granada button up in white and wore it over my top. It felt like a security blanket until I felt comfortable enough to take it off. If you are nervous wearing the Sol, wear a button-up over! It’s the best way to ease into crop tops.

Outfit details:

Granada button up in lyocell/linen

Sol Top

Miakoda Bike Shorts

See the outfits in action on Instagram reels!

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