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Thrift Store Shopping at Thred UP

As a child, I was exposed to thrift stores on Melrose. I know I know, those thrift stores are a tad different, but I used to shop with my sister while waiting for my dad to get off work from his store on Melrose. Fun fact- my dad owned a leather boot store on Melrose and my mom owned a boot store in Hollywood. I grew up around leather and the entrepreneurial spirit that comes with having your own store.

My sister and I loved shopping at these stores because 1) we could afford it and 2) we loved everything vintage.

You can still find vintage items at thrift stores, but now you see more contemporary brands. Like Macklemore says, “One man’s trash that’s another man’s come-up.” Get it?! It’s a lyric from Thrift Shop ha!

Okay, so what does this all mean? Well, there is an online thrift store that has many brands, even designer brands, of lightly worn clothes!  Pretty fantastic, right? You don’t have to leave your house to go thrift shopping and still find cute clothes. Plus, you are helping to reduce the waste of unwanted clothes.

Check out Thred UP and see what I’m talking about. I just saw a pair of Manolo Blahniks for $100! Below are some clothes I’ve seen that are perfect for spring.

Thred Up Collage 2

Dress| Blouse | Jumpsuit | Floral Skirt | Striped Skirt | Dress

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