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Thrifted Outfit

Thrifted Outfit Thrifted outfit 5
Thrifted Outfit Thrifted Outfit Thrifted Outfit

This outfit is 90% thrifted. Not too shabby right? The other 10% are older items that I already had in my closet (aka purse and shoes). The blouse is from Savers and the Citizens of Humanity jeans are from Goodwill and were only $7. I’ve never owned designer jeans until now and they were from Goodwill. Win.

Also, in case you didn’t know, flared jeans are back along with many items from the 70’s including cat eyed sunglasses. I’m definitely digging it right now.

Fashion is constantly evolving, but there are certain pieces that are timeless. Even though these flared jeans are  part of the 70’s trend, they will still be a classic. I honestly don’t see the boho chic look going anytime soon and honestly, who really cares? Wear what you love if it looks good and makes you feel good and only buy when it fits that criteria 🙂

There are some pieces I regret buying before my sustainable pledge and this sequin skirt tops the list. I bought it specifically for this blog post and have never worn it again. It is uncomfortably short and not that flattering. Maybe I’ll make a purse out of it. A sad reality of sequins is that it was most likely hand sewn by a child because their hands are small enough. Same goes for most embellished pieces. It doesn’t matter if you paid $10 for your item or $100… Moral of the story, make sure you know where your clothes came from and who made them. If that is too much work or too expensive, go thrift shopping!

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