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Tips for Dressing up a Sweater

Tips for Dressing up a Sweater Tips for Dressing up a Sweater Tips for Dressing up a Sweater Tips for Dressing up a Sweater

Sweater: Crossroads Trading Co | Leggings: Old | Boots: Crossroads Trading Co

It is finally sweater weather in LA! Don’t you just love this time of year when you can add as many layers as you want? And who doesn’t love wearing oversized sweaters that can hide bellies full with delicious food?! I may or may not have eaten 6 tacos while wearing this sweater….

Last weekend, J’s family threw his aunt a surprise 70th birthday party outside her home. I had planned on dressing up, but it got really cold and I’m a huge wimp when it comes to being in the cold. I forwent the usual dress or skirt outfit and wore my most comfortable and warm oversized sweater.

I bought this sweater and boots from Crossroads Trading Co. when I went on my birthday shopping extravaganza in October and have been wearing both since. Consignment stores/thrift shops, especially Crossroads, have a glorious amount of warm sweaters that are perfect for layering. As soon as I tried this sweater on, I knew it would be on constant repeat this season. My sister went with me on my birthday and also bought two oversized sweaters that she loves.

And aren’t these boots also pretty great? They were in perfect condition when I bought them and may have only been worn a couple of times. They are real leather too so I know they will last a while.

Anyway, here are several tips to dress up your sweater when you  just really want to be warm and comfortable:

  1. Wear black leggings or faux leather leggings. I would have worn my leather leggings, but they aren’t thick enough for the cold.
  2. High heels are a must to balance out the casualness of a sweater. Again, I get cold easily so I wore my tall boots with a block heel to be comfortable.
  3. Dramatic makeup always makes an outfit look more formal. When I say dramatic, I mean red lips, or visible eye makeup.
  4. Accessories are a must! Earrings, necklaces and bracelets always help to make an outfit look more complete.

Do you have any tips to make casual outfits dressier? I pretty much follow these rules every time, but would love to hear what you think!

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