Top Ten Posts of 2014

I really didn’t know what my top ten posts would look like before writing this post! I had planned on taking this week off from the blog with the holidays and all, but thought one last hoorah for 2014 was necessary. Here are my top ten posts from 2014 in chronological order!

GoldPolkaDots seamly cardigan
1. The Versatile Cardigan

Ah, still my favorite cardigan. This Seamly cardigan can be worn in five different ways and is a true wardrobe staple. In fact, I am wearing it right now!

lace dress as a top 3
2. The Dress Shirt

Finding versatility with clothes can be helpful when constructing your wardrobe.  If purging your closet is on your New Year’s resolution list, keep items that can be worn in multiple ways like this lace dress that can be worn with a skirt.

tips to be more photogenic collage 2
3. 5 Tips to be More Photogenic

Taking photos can be tricky, especially when taken at a bad angle. These five tips will hopefully help you to be more photogenic next year. Trust me, I’ve done the legwork on how to take a good picture.

wardrobe basics 5
4. The Ultimate Wardrobe Staple

I should just call Everlane the ultimate wardrobe staple store. I now own 4 shirts from Everlane that I will practically live in from now on. If you are looking for a basic tee that goes with everything (not exaggerating) check Everlane out.

Summer Dress- Gold Polka Dots
5. Summer Dresses

Summer lovin’ had me a blast… in my blue dress with pockets. Can’t ever go wrong with an A line silhouette regardless of your shape! Convertible Jumpsuit 5
6. The Ultimate Convertible Jumpsuit

I should really stop using the word ultimate… This Seamly jumpsuit is another favorite that can be worn in multiple ways. I challenged myself for this post by wearing it to a  wine tasting bridal shower where I had to change the style each time we went to a new winery. Needless to say, I wore it four different ways and had to make numerous outfit changes on the bus.  If I can do it, so can you (kidding. maybe).

shop ethica crop top 9
7. Striped Crop Top

I finally joined the crop top bandwagon! But I classed it up with a pleated midi skirt and pointy heels.  This Ethica crop top has a turtleneck so it makes up for the bare midriff.

Jesus & Hanna Padilla Wedding Photos WR (743 of 1015)
8. One Year Anniversary

People aren’t kidding when they say time flies. I can’t believe we’ve been married more than a year. Our photos and video mean the world to me and I probably watch it once a month. Don’t judge. If you think a video is  a waste of money, it’s not. Trust me. Watch our video and you’ll see what I mean.

25 fun facts about me 1
9. 25 Fun Facts for my 25th Birthday

I don’t talk about myself too much on Gold Polka Dots, but these 25 facts summarize me in a nutshell. If you are interested in getting to know me, or are looking for a laugh, read these fun facts.

10. Someone’s Gotta Do it

I’m so glad this post made it to the top ten list! It looks so random with all of my outfit posts, but it means a lot because I’m glad you guys are interested in non-plastic alternatives. Living an eco-conscious life goes beyond eco/ethical clothes and I’m slowly getting a grasp on it.

I can’t believe how much has changed on Gold Polka Dots within the last year.  If I could change the name of this blog it would probably be green eco dots. Kidding! But no really, next year will be more about natural alternatives to my favorite cosmetics/beauty products and finding ways to use less plastic.

NSFF (not so fun fact): Enough plastic is thrown away to circle the earth four times.  Billions of pounds of plastic can be found in the ocean.  Let’s make an effort to use less plastic in our lives!

Thank you for visiting and sticking around this past year. I really appreciate your support and wish you the happiest New Year!

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