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Transitioning the Luna Wrap Dress for Fall

It is no surprise the Luna Wrap Dress was a best seller this summer. And just because summer is coming to an end, it doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing your dress!

Today we are styling the Luna Wrap dress three different ways!

Outfit 1: Cropped Sweater over Luna Wrap Dress

The key to this outfit is wearing a cropped sweater! The Luna has a full skirt, which can make it overwhelming on any frame. However, if you wear a cropped sweater, it helps to elongate your body.

Luna Wrap Dress in Mustard

Secondhand sweater

Vionic Booties

Outfit 2: Luna Wrap as a Duster

When I first released the Luna, I was asked if it could be worn as a duster. I wasn’t sure how it would look and I honestly haven’t tried until this style session. Well, it’s a winner! It doesn’t make the outfit warmer, but it adds a little flair to a simple long sleeve and jeans.

Luna Wrap Dress in Mustard

White Long Sleeve & Jeans- Everlane


Outfit 3: Luna Wrap Dress and Denim Jacket

When I first thought of outfit ideas for this style session, this denim and dress combo was the first one. You can’t ever go wrong with a denim jacket and summer jacket! I layered the Luna over a white long sleeve for added warmth.

Luna Wrap Dress in Mustard

Everlane White Long Sleeve

Secondhand Denim Jacket

Watch the style video below!

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