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Tulle Skirts Aren’t Just for Ballerinas

Tulle skirt 1Tulle skirt

Aren’t tulle skirts the prettiest thing ever? When I was little, I was a ballerina, but never had the chance to wear a tutu! Even though I was too cool to admit it then, I secretly always wanted to wear a tutu. Fast forward 15 years and I finally got my chance…

My cousin invited me to his wedding in Chicago earlier this year. As soon as I got the invitation, I had to think of what I would wear. It isn’t easy finding dresses or skirts that were made ethically or eco friendly at a reasonable price. There are several stores like Reformation that make beautiful dresses for about $200. I know that isn’t much, but when you add up the costs of flying to a different state and that mini vacation, it sure adds up.

That is when I went on Pinterest and fell in love with tulle skirts all over again. My inner ballerina was happy and I scoured the internet to look for easy tutorials. I found Cotton & Curls’ tutorial and went to Downtown LA to buy fabric. The total cost of the skirt was about $25. I asked my mother-in-law for help with sewing the skirt and instead she and her sister finished the skirt in couple hours. I was lucky they did it for me because I didn’t have to worry too much, but the tutorials give you a decent breakdown of how to do it.

If sewing isn’t your thing, you can always buy a tulle skirt from Corilynn’s new line that is made in the USA.

Tulle skirt 2Tulle skirt 5

Crop Top: B.P Nordstroms (made in USA)
Tulle Skirt: DIY

You may be thinking tulle skirts are hard to wear, but I have honestly seen them look great with almost any top. I’ve seen tulle skirts with sweaters, crop tops, and short sleeve tops. You don’t even have to wear a top that is fitted as I have seen tulle skirts look great with boxy blouses.

I honestly can’t wait to wear my skirt this fall with a sweater. Stay tuned for more tulle skirt outfits, friends, because I plan on dressing it down and making it more casual!

Would you ever wear a tulle skirt if you had the chance? Let me know by commenting below!

 P.s. Remember the giveaway I posted last Thursday!? Well, we have a winner!! Check last week’s post to see!

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