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Wardrobe Essentials on sale collage

Like I said in the Resolutions post, a great time to buy clothes is when trying to build up your closet with wardrobe staples. Everything listed here is under $50 and can enhance any outfit. Trust me.

The little black dress (with pockets!), printed pants and comfortable shirts are currently at the top of my shopping list. I surprisingly don’t have a black dress and I am in need or more pants that aren’t jeans. I’m sure most of us already have enough blue jeans, so why not try dark green jeans or if you are feeling brave, printed pants?

I’m also a huge fan of colorful heels! Blue, red, and nude are staples in my closet. Like I said in the Color Blocked post, blue practically goes with everything. Those blue suede heels can work with all three of these outfits.

And, of course, I can’t forget about the accessories that can add oomph to any outfit including a baseball cap for those not so great hair days.

Hope you enjoy! Use BYEWINTER to get an extra 40% off when buying the J. Crew items.

Cobalt earrings | Little black dress | Bracelet | Plaid Clutch | Blue suede heels | Red booties  |  Gold earrings Grey Tee Printed pantsBlack clutch | Nude bow heels | Emerald drop earrings | Baseball cap | Printed blouse | Jeans | Boots

*Update: In 2014, I pledged to stop buying from fast fashion stores and only buy ethically made clothing. Read more about my decision here

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