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What to Wear for Your Engagement Pictures

With wedding season around the corner, I thought I’d share some tips based on my experiences including outfit ideas for your engagement pictures!

J and I took our engagement pictures over a year ago and I had such a hard time picking what to wear. I’m pretty good with choosing outfits, but there was so much pressure because we wanted to use one of the photos for our save the date.

We knew early on that our wedding would be Spanish themed since the venue was a Spanish style country club. All the stationary including the save the dates would have a Spanish feel so I used that to pick one of my outfits.

The location we originally picked was so close to orange groves that we decided to also have casual non-themed pictures. Our first location was at downtown San Juan Capistrano where we took pictures by really cute houses and an antique shop. We then went to the Mission where we took the picture that was used for our save the date.

engagement 1

engagement pictures 6


engagement pictures 5

engagement 4

My first outfit was an ivory crochet sleeved dress with a pleated skirt. I bought this dress at Nasty Gal and thought it was absolutely perfect. To add some color, I paired it with cobalt heels and a belt!

My casual outfit was a black dress from Tobi that had subtle crochet details and I wore my booties with fringe. Again, I added color with my statement necklace.

Tips on what to wear for your engagement pictures:

1. Be comfortable! Make sure you choose an outfit that you feel confident in and can wear for hours.

2. Decide early on if you want themed pictures and dress accordingly.

3. Try to stay away from tight clothes.  Tight clothes can be unforgiving and you don’t want to constantly be concerned about your outfit.

4.  If you are doing outdoor pictures, don’t wear sky-high heels. Again, you want to be comfortable. There were times when I had to climb on bricks to get the perfect shot and it would have been difficult with uber high heels.

5.  Color coordinate with your fiance. I’m not saying you should be matchy matchy, but it is always a good idea to complement each other’s outfits.

6. Patterns may not be your best friend.  You know how much I love patterns, but I stayed away because it can be unflattering on camera.

7. Don’t be scared to wear accessories. Add color to your outfit with a statement necklace.

8. Make sure to try on your clothes prior to your session. I didn’t think I had to try on the black dress beforehand, but those crochet details on my elbows were so tight that I had bruises the next day. I didn’t really feel it during our session, but since they were so tight it restricted how much I could bend my arms making some poses difficult.

9. This isn’t a what to ‘wear’ tip, but hair and makeup can be tricky when taking such important pictures. I didn’t want to hire someone  because of the many added costs I already had. Luckily, before our session, I looked into hair and makeup for my wedding day and both included trials. This is where the trials come in handy! I scheduled my makeup trial the day of our engagement pictures and it worked out great! My sister did my hair and I saved that trial for my bridal shower.

10.  Again, not a what to ‘wear’ tip, but practice your poses beforehand. I know it sounds cheesy, but it takes practice to be photogenic. Not saying J and I are photogenic, but we practiced so we were more comfortable at our session.

If you are on the fence about doing engagement pictures, I would say to consider it because you want to have perfect wedding pictures. We were so comfortable with our photographers after our engagement session that it was easy to pose on our wedding day. If you want to check out the rest of our engagement session, check out my awesome photographers! 

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