What You Want From Sotela

In a recent blog post, I wrote about growing Sotela this year. I’ve started taking some measures towards that like the survey I sent out last month, but there will be a lot more to come soon. Some of the questions I asked in the survey were about your Monday through Friday style, the designs you prefer, and what I can add to improve Sotela. All of these things help me in creating a better shopping experience for you and pieces you actually want to wear because without YOU there wouldn’t be a Sotela.

If you are curious about your fellow #sotelaeverydaywomen, here are some fun facts:


I was surprised by this one! I didn’t think office attire and creative chic would be so close. It makes me wonder how many of you are wearing your Sotela pieces to the office! Maybe I should do more work outfit posts, hmm?

This survey is what led me to do our first Everyday Woman shoot last month! The photos will be up soon, I promise! I’m planning on having two models for our next shoot that are different sizes. Based on your feedback, I may or may not continue the Everyday Woman shoots. We’ll see! Also, you want reviews so that will be coming soon as well!!

This question may have been tough to just choose one. In the open ended question at the end, several of you asked for multiple things like expended sizing and more colors, etc. I was surprised that the majority wanted relaxed fit pieces! I hear you loud and clear 🙂 The next collection will have the relaxed silhouettes you love WITH added colors. I’m also getting tired of black. It was a safe color to begin with, but it’s time to expand! I’m also still thinking about expanding our sizing to be more inclusive. I want Sotela to be available to most women- not only a small percentage.

If you took the survey, don’t forget to use your $10 off by April 1st!

Based on the survey and other suggestions you’ve had, there are some thing coming to the website soon. I recently added a zoom feature to each product photo so you can see the details closely. I will also be changing the product page so you can see the size chart more clearly.

Here are the other things coming soon!

If you see on the bottom there, I’m designing a SUMMER COLLECTION. Yep, I’ve started working on the samples last week. I’m hoping to have that collection ready by June. Fingers crossed! You can expect linen and added colors. There may or may not be a blush colored piece 😉

Anyway, thank you so much for following along and being so supportive. I’ve been getting the sweetest emails from you weekly telling me take my time responding or sending an order because they know I have Olivia. I can’t even begin to tell you how much that warms my heart. YOU ARE THE BEST.


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