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Where to Buy American Made Clothing

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Since my decision to start buying American made clothing, several people have asked how I could do it and if it will really make a difference. Well, first of all, it is incredibly hard. Every day I struggle with it because 1) there is a mall next to work and 2) I go on Bloglovin’ daily and see other bloggers with their cute clothes. It is hard not buying clothes that are so easily accessible and affordable, but I’m hoping that my decision in choosing sustainable fashion will make a difference somehow. I know one person alone can’t make a huge difference, but at  least it is a step in the right direction.

I want to start showcasing sustainable fashion brands who make a conscious effort every day to be eco friendly . Did you know the cost of producing clothing in the USA is 14 times higher than if it were outsourced and produced in mass quantities?

American made clothing

I’ve mentioned Seamly.Co before, but I want to highlight their clothes since most can be worn in multiple ways. Pretty cool, right? Their cardigan can be worn as a dress, their 5-ways maxi can be worn in five different ways and their raglan is reversible. I just bought their cardigan and can’t wait to show you how I’ve styled it!

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