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Why I Choose Not To Do A Capsule Wardrobe

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The thing about capsule wardrobes is that it isn’t for everyone. Capsule wardrobes have become wildly popular within the last year because it makes picking outfits 100x easier since you have less to choose from. You reduce your closet to 30ish pieces each season and put the rest away in boxes. It takes a lot of planning, creativity and coordination to create outfits with a set number of items.

Andrea of Seasons and Salt is one of the few bloggers who is creating a capsule wardrobe with ethically made pieces. She is proof that you can create a wardrobe with limited pieces that were purchased second hand or from ethical companies. Follow her for capsule wardrobe ideas and inspiration!

I’ve thought about doing a capsule wardrobe several times, but being restricted to a limited closet scares me. I like having all of my clothes right where I can see them, especially since my week and weekend attire is on the opposite spectrum. 

However, I love that capsule wardrobes force you to think about your clothing versatility and functionality. That right there is one of the foundations of being a conscious consumer, which is an idea that is fortunately becoming more mainstream. Plan better, buy less and enjoy a closet you love. 

I’m glad so many people have done capsules because it solves the impulse purchase problem. When doing the capsule wardrobe, you aren’t allowed to buy new clothes for that season. Gone are the days of impulsively buying an item that we realize we don’t love once we try it on at home. 

If capsule wardrobes aren’t for you, think about having foundation pieces or go-to outfits for each season. These were my go-to outfits last spring and winter.  My fall go-to outfit is pretty similar and includes chambray, leggings and booties. I’m a habitual outfit repeater because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

Make your life easier and start choosing go-to outfits. You don’t only have to have one either. You can create go-to outfits for the week and weekend.

I would love to see your outfits on Instagram! Post pictures with the tag #gotooutfit. 
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