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Why I Will Think Twice Before Buying Beauty Products

Since February, I’ve been more aware of the chemicals that are in our everyday things. Before switching to only eco/ethically made clothes, I never realized that the simplest things like clothes could contain harmful toxins. I started researching my own beauty products and noticed how much crap (excuse my lack for a better word) was in absolutely everything.

I’ve spent so much money on products that probably do more harm than good to my skin and health. The cosmetic and beauty care industry is highly unregulated giving companies free reign to put chemicals in products that can achieve “better” skin. Even though there are more “green products” out there, there are still chemicals in them. It’s kind of sad how “green” has become a popular marketing term to sell more products. The real “green” products are those with the least amount of ingredients that you can actually pronounce.

These are some of the chemicals you should be aware of in beauty products:

Parabens (found in most beauty products)
Synthetic Colors
Fragrance (found in beauty products, perfume, cologne, body wash and moisturizers)
Phthlates (found in beauty products, perfume, cologne, body wash and moisturizers)
Triclosan (found in soap, toothpaste and deodorants)
Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) / Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) (found in shampoo, body wash, mascara and acne treatment)
Formeldahyde (found in hair products, body wash and makeup)
Toluene (found in nail polish, hair color/bleaching products)
Propylene glycol (found in sunscreen, moisturizers, shampoo and conditioners)
benzophenone, PABA, avobenzone, homosalate and ethoxycinnmate (found in sunscreen)

This list only has the 10 most common chemicals, but there are definitely more. It’s pretty scary stuff, right? These chemicals can lead to tumors, kidney damage, cancer, respiratory distress or harm the reproductive system. Synthetic colors have also been linked to ADHD in children. It is so disappointing how many harmful chemicals we are exposed to in our everyday products. Now that I know all of this, it is hard to continue buying the same products I have for so many years.

And for this reason, I will start writing more posts about my home’s eco-conscious journey. There is a wealth of information and DIY recipes for natural products that can achieve the same results as store bought products.

Some items I started using:

Dr. Bronners Castille Soap. It is the perfect soap without all the chemicals and does wonders for your underarms (TMI?). It is also a great shaving cream substitute.

Coconut Oil (It’s cheaper at Trader Joe’s). I’ve been using it every night to moisturize my face and LOVE it. My skin smells delicious and feels great. It will become my every day face moisturizer once I finish my current lotion.

Almond Oil. I use it as body lotion and makeup remover and it is amazing.

Dry Brush. Even though this didn’t replace a beauty product I owned, it is great for exfoliation especially in the winter when your skin is dry. Brush from your ankles to your heart in a clockwise motion before you shower. When brushing your back, brush downwards in a clockwise motion. Dry brushing is known to increase circulation and tighten your skin.

Once I finish the shampoo in my shower, I will make my own with this recipe. I’ve seen so many recipes out there that I have to see which works best for me especially because I have hard water at home. I’ve tried Dr. Bronners soap for my hair with an apple cider vinegar rinse/conditioner and hated how my hair felt. I’m going to try adding more ingredients next time.

I also want to try a DIY homemade deodorant because I hate how deodorants clog your pores. First, the aluminum in deodorants is bad for you and can cause cancer, but they also block pores from producing sweat.  I didn’t really notice this until I started using the Dr. Bronner’s soap and saw how well it took out the deodorant stuck in my pores.

If you aren’t into DIY beauty products, there are several brands that can be found on Amazon and Whole Foods that are completely natural. I will be sharing everything I know with you and all my beauty product substitutions.

You can also check out the homemade DIY recipes I’ve come across on Pinterest. I now have a board specifically for an eco-conscious home.

It will definitely be tough to no longer buy my products at the store, but I’m excited to start using natural products. Are there any specific natural brands you use or homemade recipes? I would love to know your experience with natural products or your hesitations!

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