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Why Linen is Amazing

Have you worn a summer dress made of polyester and felt hot beyond belief? I bet if you wore the same dress in linen you would feel cooler even if it were black.

Linen is a wonder-fabric that can be worn year-round although most people think of it as a summer staple. Due to its weave, linen allows more airflow so it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It is one of the reasons why it it doesn’t cling to your skin when you are hot and sweaty! Most people don’t know linen acts as an insulator in cool weather because it retains your body heat. I’m not quite sure how it does it all, but it’s one of the few fabrics that has been used for centuries.

Besides regulating your body temperature, linen is a strong and durable fabric. I’ve talked with several people who couldn’t believe our linen is machine washable. Since it’s naturally resilient, linen can be washed on cold with gentle detergent. Even though it can be machine dried, we always recommend hang drying. **All of our fabric is preshrunk so it shouldn’t shrink more, but I always err on the side of caution.**

Our entire Sol Collection is made in linen because it honestly is the best to wear in warm weather. Like I mentioned above, linen keeps you cool by not clinging to your skin and is easy to wash. Win, win!

I’ve found myself wearing pants and jumpsuits all summer long because even though it is hot, I still feel cool. If you are curious to see what I’ve been wearing this summer, you can see my outfits on Instagram highlights!

We are currently running low on certain linen colors (lavender and black). In this Instagram post, I mentioned that we won’t be reordering more fabric. The Sol collection will only be available through the end of summer and we will retire some of our tencel colors like clay and copper.

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