Winter Bosque: Available 01.28.2021

Every year, we release a few garments mid-season as sort of a “mini” collection. Usually they are ideas that come to us later (after the initial launch) or based on customer recommendations.

This winter mini collection is very small as it includes two “new” garments. They are revamp designs of current favorites such as the Granada shirt and Amor Shift. However, they are now available in our olive and camel sweater fabrics.

After seeing so many ‘shackets’ on Instagram, I knew it was something we had to try. For those of you who are new to the idea, they are a hybrid of a shirt and jacket. Essentially, they look like a work shirt that is available in a warmer fabric.

Since our sweater fabric is like flannel, we knew it would be the perfect contender for a Shacket. We updated the design to give it more of an oversized fit — it’s longer and wider to accommodate layering and now has two breast pockets with a button closure. I am VERY excited about this new design. I love wearing the Granada as an overshirt, but this new style will add the warmth I crave in winter.

Most of you remember the Amor shift dress from 2019. It was a huge hit in our original deadstock corduroy fabric. We decided to bring it back with our camel and olive sweater fabric! It’s such a great dress for layering — wear it with a turtleneck and tights and you have a winter outfit.

Bosque winter will be available 01.28.2021. Hope you enjoy the lookbook below!

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