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You CAN be Ethical All The Time- One Month Challenge

Ethical outfit

There is a blogger I followed for over a year because I loved her creative projects. In the spring, she started posting collages of dresses she could wear to weddings and wrote that she wants to buy several new dresses because she doesn’t like wearing the same outfit twice. Every single dress was from Forever 21.

I commented and politely said she can spruce up the dresses she has by wearing different accessories or shoes. I added that I used to be a Forever 21 fan until I read about the harmful effects of fast fashion.

Ethical outfit Ethical outfit Ethical outfit

Top: Rosebowl Flea Market
Shorts: Thrifted
Panama Hat: Cuyana
Vegan Purse: Angela & Roi

I included links for ethically made brands with the hopes she would take it into consideration. She responded she knew it was bad, but she also shops at Everlane. In her following inspiration collage dedicated to her favorite Forever 21 items, she wrote that she is aware of options to shop small, sustainably and ethically, but she enjoys Forever 21 and her blog is about pretty things and not much more than that. She even had comments with people congratulating her because, “we can’t be ethical and shit all the time.”

The reason why I’m mentioning this story is because you really can be ethical all the time.  It is easier than you think, but you first have to try it. All it takes is a little patience and thoughtfulness.

I challenge you to only buy ethically made clothes this month. This includes any of the stores in my ‘Where to Shop’ page or thrifted items.  

Post pictures of your ethically made clothes and use the hashtag, #ethicalJune. I will repost my favorite pictures! **You don’t have to buy anything new to join the challenge.

If you need help finding something, email me or write a comment below!

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