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Zero Waste Traveling: What’s in My Purse

Traveling can be wasteful, but I’m trying to curb my environmental impact by saying no to plastic or disposables. Carrying these items in my purse helps me do that every time I leave the house.

Being eco-conscious takes thoughtfulness and a little more effort. Think of it this way, would you ever leave your house without your phone? Try and see a mason jar or handkerchief as part of your daily essentials. I’m not completely zero waste, but I try and make the effort every time I go out.

Zero Waste Traveling: What's in My PurseA woman’s purse can say a lot about her personality. Mine says I’m a…. 

Angela & Roi Purse: Surprisingly fits everything in the above photo. I usually only travel with a crossbody.

Mason Jar: When I fly, I take my mason jar so that I can ask for drinks on the plane. Flight attendants have been great about refilling my jar without complaints. When I don’t have my jar, I carry my Contigo Steel water bottle everywhere I go, which I like better because it keeps my drinks cold.

Daysy: A fertility calculator that tracks your cycle with an accuracy of 99.3%. Real talk- I started using Daysy 5 months ago and it has been a game changer because I’m reducing my waste and the chemicals in my body. All I have to do is take my temperature every morning before I get out of bed!

Handkerchief: I always have one in my purse or lunch bag. They also make great sandwich wrappers.

Bamboo Utensils: A complete set that even includes chopsticks.

Diva Cup: My menstrual cup in a reusable pouch.  *First talked about it here.

Glad Rags: Cloth pads for days I don’t want to wear my cup.

…..a tree hugging granola eating hippie. No surprise there!

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